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ThroughTheNews believes in the power of written words but we also know that seeing is believing.  So we strive to be both written and visual storytellers.

And as stories cannot exist without feedback, we offer the discussion platform where users are main content creators - they can debate around topics, see what others think, and draw their own conclusions. Furthermore, users are welcome to open their own discussions and challenge others to a healthy debate. 

 Our values

 We build our work around 7 pillars of ThroughTheNews: 

Integrity - surrounded by fake news and buzz compliant headlines, we aspire to be an honest, reliable and transparent outlet you would like to come back to. 

Simplicity - we don’t preach  nor do we teach. ThroughTheNews is not a source of academic papers. We use everyday language and try to make our stories relatable. 

Humor - laughing is healthy. It is also a powerful tool for critique and social change.

Diversity - Both our staff and users come from different backgrounds and have their sets of beliefs. We believe we all deserve a room for our contrasting opinions.

Empathy - We do not look for heroes and villains. In our stories and discussions, we strive to raise debates where counterparts could see each other's sides and even walk in each other’s shoes. 

Respect - We strive to maintain respect for the people we engage with inside and outside our stories. We value the privacy and trust of our respondents, as well as feedback of our users. 

Openness - We strive to be open towards healthy critique, perspectives we missed and perspectives we do not necessarily agree to, as long as they don’t contain hate speech. 

Walk with us ThoughTheNews

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