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24.03.2021 14:04

Comics: You’ll only get this if you’re a woman

women only

Illustration: Mariam Kanchaveli

You will probably agree that humans have to deal with an endless list of problems. However, there are some “complicated” and funny situations that only women can relate to.  Many of you may recognize yourselves in these illustrations. Are you ready? Let’s begin: 

Mask, Coronavirus and Lipstick 

No matter how carefully you try to put a mask on so you don’t smudge your lipstick, the outcome is always the same—the entire face and the mask are both covered in lipstick. 


Your hair looks best when you casually put it up in a bun and then wonder whether you should go out just for the sake of it. 


When you have long nails and can’t open a jar, or you can, but the nail breaks in the process. 

Hair removal 

Shaving diligently before going to the pool, but no matter how much you shave, you always end up with one (or many) hairy area(s). 


Getting home tired, forgetting to remove your make-up (or being too lazy to do it) and going to bed with your made up face. 

Ripped jeans 

When you’re putting on a pair of jeans and accidentally put one leg through a hole.  


When you’re in a fitting room, trying on a tight dress and you get stuck in it. 

The Beauty of Taking your bra off 

 No matter how hard your day was, you get home, take the bra off and life is beautiful again. 

That time of the month 

When you accidentally leak.

The same dress 

When you’re taking forever to get ready for a party, finally pick what to wear, turn up at the party and someone is wearing the same exact dress.


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