Comics: The Fear of The Hijab

The comic strip is based on true stories recounted by Muslim women living in Europe.

How Should We Learn to Say "NO"?

Trying to be attentive towards a person can turn into taking a decision for them.

Comic: Soviet Nostalgia. What We Can and Cannot See

Some miss the carefree childhood, other keep getting flashbacks of totalitarian regime.

Comics: A Puppet Show

Now you see him, now you don’t!  But who is he? A dendrophile? A self-proclaimed critic of Friedrich Nietzsche? Or a regular trickster?!

Comics: Violence Problem. Who'll We Blame Next?

After the two recent mass shootings in the US, the debate on whether video games actually cause violence among children and teenagers have restarted with new vigor.

Comics - Breaking Today

What will happen if all channels suddenly start broadcasting one “truth”?

Comics: On Protests, Bots and Humans

The story about the inability to cope with a different opinion.

Comics: "I Won't Stand Beside Them!"

In Georgia, civil protests often turn into battlegrounds between political parties, which makes protesters confused and more and more skeptical towards protesting in general. 

Conflict In The Family: Alcohol vs. Marijuana

An increasing number of countries is legalizing recreational marijuana and the debate about which is more harmful or beneficial is once again at its peak.

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