Comics: "I Won't Stand Beside Them!"

In Georgia, civil protests often turn into battlegrounds between political parties, which makes protesters confused and more and more skeptical towards protesting in general. 

Conflict In The Family: Alcohol vs. Marijuana

An increasing number of countries is legalizing recreational marijuana and the debate about which is more harmful or beneficial is once again at its peak.

Comics: Who Pays On a Date?

The answer to this question was once very clear - on a date, it’s always the man who pays. A different arrangement was simply unimaginable. However, this has long ceased to be a given and what some (even today) call “being a gentleman”, others consider to be yet another expression of “toxic masculinity”.

Comics: Where is The Line Between Flirt and Sexual Harassment?

The term “sexual harassment” entered into mainstream use in the 1970’s, while what it stands for has in fact existed for millennia.

Comics: The Awkward Elevator Moment

For a long time, society was in denial about sexual harassment - denying its existence entirely, to be more precise. In this comic strip we're telling the story of how fear and silence on these issues harm not only women, but men too.

Part III - The Clash of Values

The conclusion of an epic adventure. How are same-sex couples treated in the modern world? What are their challenges, problems and aspirations? Have we learned anything? Average Joe and Bryan seek to find out. 

Part II – The Great Extermination

Join us in Part II of the exciting adventure through the history of same-sex marriage with Average Joe and Bryan. 

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Same-Sex Marriages

Join Average Joe and his friend Bryan on their journey through the history of same-sex marriages. Is there anything you've always wanted to know about this subject? This is your chance to find out. 

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