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19.08.2020 15:44

Discussion: Can terrorism be justified?


Terrorism is the type of crime that undermines a number of essential factors, such as people’s lives and well-being, public safety, and state security. What’s more, due to recent advancements in information and other technologies, terrorist groups have become more flexible and effective, which poses a threat, not only to a particular country or region but the whole world. Despite this, some people try to justify terrorism using different arguments.  Mostly, their main argument for terrorism is vengeance and restoration of justice. What do you think, can terrorism be justified?


Discussion: Can terrorism be justified?


Shehzad Aslam

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Can injustice be justified? The idea of terrorism itself is relative. When the system denies basic rights to the people, when the government indulges in corruption, when the state promotes terrorism, rebellion becomes the natural reaction. The existing order that promotes injustice itself provokes rebellion against it. Even the lover of democracy opted violence to defeat fascism and establish democratic norms. The discussion should be what should be called terrorism instead of predetermining the perception and arguing later. Some hundred years back democrats were lebeled as terrorists by fascists.



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No, terrorism shoudbe halted eitherwise this planet would beseige by terrorist and powerfull countries should this tactics and avoid however in terrorist activities, the civilian suffer the most.

Sheraz Khan

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No never, its a false belief but you would agree like US terrorism in Iraq where all resources destroyed, millions of people killed for what? Claims of Chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction with saddam were the reasons to detroy Iraq.

Vin Baloch

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Terrorism cannot be justified but when the oppressor commits oppression and the oppressed takes up arms against oppression then who became a terrorist ??

Muhammad Usman

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Yes , Example Israelis' Killing Palestinians , Robbing , demolishing Palestinian houses , Occupation of Palestinian lands , Rapes etc If Non Muslim kills a innocent Muslims, World says it is defensive Strategy . But If Muslims Freedom fighters Kills a Non Muslim while protecting their lands, Families , Religion , the world calls it Terrorism. It is Pros for real terrorists , those who are behind big buildings , travels with high security , controls the world.