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Pashinyan’s wrong policy - sp

Believing that Armenian genes(being smarter and stronger than the enemy) are more important in wars than superior weaponry.

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Power imbalance - Yasa

History and internation law have been on Azerbaijan's side!

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Power imbalance - Vahagn

Any historical injustice happens due to the power disbalance. In this case, Russia degraded so much that it lost all mechanisms to defend its interests besides betraying its ally and siding with ts enemies. Explaining such abrupt jumps of the political vector by some Pahinyan's wrong policy is like explaining the dawn by a prayer.

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Pashinyan’s wrong policy - Karapet

Pashinyan didn’t serve in army, he could not pass the entrance exams, he is illiterate, imbecile and irresponsible, he blames everybody in his failures except for himself: he is a loser.

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Power imbalance - Rome

Absurd policies of Armenian side over 30 years led the country into isolation and poverty. On the other hand, Azerbaijan enjoyed the economic superiority and modernized its army during this time. Moreover, considering that Azerbaijan was right on her case based on international law and her correct international policy, no action was taken by international players.

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Power imbalance - Montreal

Armenia never stood a chance against Azerbaijan. Not in the 90s, not since. Only Russian cover, when unopposed enabled temporary gains. When Azerbaijan successsfully neutralized that by building an unlikley coalition wiith Turkey, Israel and behind the doors by UK, there was nothing in front of victory for Azerbaijan.

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Pashinyan’s wrong policy - Rufus

Pashinyan is actually much wiser than most of armenian society as he understands that the only way of survival for armenians is to refrain from territorial claims to Azerbaijan, put an end to conflict and try joining to the transportation project and become part of economic life of South Caucasus. The other alternative is absorption of Armenia by Russia and making it Armenian Guberniya (District) of Russian Federation.

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Pashinyan’s wrong policy - AC

Power Imbalance always been there, since 1990 and advantage was never on Armenian side, but the breaking point came in 2018. 2018. New government and new start at negotiation process from Armenian side Shortly after government were saying openly that it is diplomatic impasse.. (brought to dead end in ~2 years). 2018 Turkey started supplying Azerbaijan with drones and rockets in large quantities. We can say that it was last and most significant step in transition to 5th generation army for Azerbaijan. Nothing was made in response to that from Armenian side. (another dead end) Military operations on the north boarder in July 2020 brought riots wave in Baku. Aliev was left with no choice but to start a war and calm those waves as soon as possible. (another dead end)

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Power imbalance - Sachin s

Power imbalances No strong ally’s Corona pandamic No international support Lack of deep diplomacy

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PROS - Dato

აუცილებლად უნდა აშენდეს!

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PROS - მ.ლ

შეძლებენ სავარაუდოდ კი არადა უნდა შეძლონ ყველამ ასე ვწერეთ ყველასთვის გაუსაძლისი იყო გამოცდების სტრესი ადრეულ წლებში და ახაც არაფერი შეიცვლება ამათ გამო ვირუსია ეს არავის არ უნდოდა მაგრამ მოხდა და თუ მომავალზე ფიქრობ და ოდნავი მოთბინება გაქვს პირბადიდაც დაწერ და ყველაფერი ყველამ უნდა გაიჭიროს სამი ოთხო საათი საკუთარი მომავლისა და ჯამრთელობისათვის

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CONS - ნათია

არ უნდა მოიხსნას რადგან Ღამე უკონტროლო ᲗავᲨეყრა და გადაადგილება არ მოხდეს

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CONS - სალომე

ამ ეტაპზე არ მიმაჩნია სწორად საზოგადოებრივი ტრანსპორტის აღდგენა, რადგან არ არის უსაფრთხო. მსოფლიო პანდემია ჯერ კიდევ მძვინვარებს და მსგავსი თავშეყრის ადგილები ძალიან საშიშია.

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PROS - ზაზა


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PROS - დათო


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PROS - გიორგი

ეს უაზრო პასუხიი წაშალე თორე სამშობლოს გამყიდველად დარჩებიი

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CONS - ბ.ქ

ისედაც ორი მტკაველი მიწა გვაქვს რა ჰესები რაც გვაქ იმას ხორასამბობ ჩვენ სასარგებლოდ იყენებენ გააჯვით ყველამ ვინც შეურაწყოფილად გრძნობს თავს ჩემ სიტყვა გააჯვიზე ორმაგად გააჯვას ვინ გდიხართ ვაფშე თქვენი ნაწვალები და ნაოფლარია ეს ქვეყანა გააჯვით!!!!

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PROS - სალომე

თუ პეტენზია გვაქვს დასავლური გეზით სვლის, თუ გვინდა გნვითარება და პროგრესი, დროა ხალხში ჰომოფობიის დონემ დაიწიოს და გავხდეთ ნამდვილი ტოლერანტული საზოგადოება. ცხადია უნდა განათდეს

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CONS - ნინო

ჯერჯერობით არ უნდა აღდგეს ტრანსპორტის მოძრაობა...


Author Sali

20.05.2021 16:35

Discussion: What was the reason behind Armenia’s failure in the Karabakh conflict?

Full-scale hostilities occurred on April 2–6, 2016 following the events of the 1990s and went down in history as the April War, or the Four-Day War. The action took place in the Karabakh conflict zone. In July 2020, clashes broke out on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Full-scale hostilities, which are now known as the Second Karabakh War, went on from September 27 till November 10, 2020. The main terms of the cease-fire agreement stated: Return of control over several districts adjacent to Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan; Deployment of Russian peacekeepers to the region; Exchange of prisoners of war and return of IDPs. Many reasons have been suggested to explain such an end to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, such as the power imbalance as well as the culpability of the Armenian political elite under the leadership of Prime Minister Pashinyan.  In an interview with the BBC, Jirair Liparitian, a veteran of Armenian diplomacy and an adviser to the first president of Armenia, Levon Ter-Petrosyan, discusses the main mistakes he thinks Armenia made that led to the country’s defeat. He assesses the role of Prime Minister Pashynian, his relationship to Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev, and the responsibility of the entire Armenian political elite and society for the current situation.  

What do you think caused Armenia’s defeat?


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