Author Sali

25.05.2020 21:29

Do you believe 5G is safe?

is 5G safe?

Technology experts agree that the main event of 2020 will be the implementation of the 5th generation wireless network, aka 5G technology. This is a new technological revolution because the world will change completely after its arrival. This technology will have a positive impact on every field, however, a part of the human population considers it dangerous. According to them, the 5G technology represents some health risks. There is also an opinion, according to which it will represent a grave danger for the planet's ecosystem. The 5G opponents even blame it for the spread of COVID-19 - such a conspiracy theory has also become popular. Some are still for the new technological revolution and development. What do you think, do you believe 5G is safe?


Do you believe 5G is safe?



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Time will tell whether it is safe or not, but I definitely consider all the steps of development



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Dangerous! It radiates such force that the birds that fly over the mast fall dead, and so in many European countries, the population has even burned and destroyed these death masts.