Should vaccination be compulsory?
Author: Irina

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is the question. Despite numerous medical recommendations some people still doubt the safety of vaccines. What do you think? Should vaccination be compulsory? Have your say and see how many people agree with our opinion.

Should prostitution be legal?
Author: Irina

Some think that prostitution is just a profession which should be legalized. Others support only partial legalization, while some would like to see it prohibited altogether. What do you think? Mark your opinion on this scale and see how many people agree with you. 

Carrying a gun legally-opinions?
Author: Irina

There is no universally agreed opinion about whether carrying a gun should be legal or not. Here we present you with the most common views on this hotly discussed matter. Have a look and vote for the one you agree with the most. 

Should children be given sex education at schools?
Author: Sandro

Many say that there are plenty of reasons why sex education should be part of the curriculum in every school. However, there are still some who disagreee, for various reasons. What do you think? We have summed up the most widespread opinions on this issue here - have a read and vote for the one that's closest to yours.

What are the opinions about abortion?
Author: Gvantsa

The debate seems far from over, and within it lie many layers of questions about morals, women's rights and health. What do you think on this controversial issue?

How do you feel about Valentine's day?
Author: Sandro

This popular holiday meant to celebrate love - especially romantic love - and associated with flowers, heart-shaped chocolates and other gifts, often causes diverging opinions, from people getting excited about it every year to the ones who get irritated and dismiss it as a stupid commercial holiday. Where are you on the Valentine's day opinion scale?