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27.02.2019 11:31

What are the opinions about abortion?

What are the opinions about abortion?

What are the opinions about abortion?

The debate seems far from over, and within it lie many layers of questions about morals, women's rights and health. What do you think on this controversial issue?

It is murder and should be prohibited


Abortion should not be allowed, it is murder. From the moment of fertilization, we are dealing with a new human life and we have no right to destroy it, no matter how hard it is to bring the baby into the world. If a woman wants full control of her body, she should also take responsibility for it and use protection or not have sex at all (men should also abstain if they want to have a say in the future baby’s fate).
Even if it’s the result of rape, an innocent child should not pay for his or her father’s sins. The pregnant woman should carry the child and then there are many alternatives: adoption, foster care etc. There should be special programs to make the entire process as painless as possible for both the mother and the baby in cases of rape resulting in a pregnancy.


It should be allowed only in extreme situations


We shouldn’t take a human life so easily, so abortion should only be allowed in case the mother’s life is threatened or in case of rape. As in most cases the moment until which the abortions are allowed are determined in an arbitrary manner,  who says it’s universal and the embryo/foetus doesn’t have a right to live before that?
If we allow all abortions easily, some might use it as a form of contraception or population control. To avoid unwanted pregnancies, all the institutions and society must contribute to educating the public and raising awareness about the abortion risks (health and future infertility risks for the mother), about proper use of contraception etc.


It should be neither encouraged nor prohibited


Abortion does technically mean taking a human life and it shouldn’t be morally justified or encouraged, but it shouldn’t be prohibited or punishable either - it’s a person’s conscious choice and the couple or the mother should decide to live with it. Besides, prohibiting abortion will only increase the number of illegal, high risk abortions, that result in deaths and serious health complications. We should allow abortion in the early stages of pregnancy and concentrate our efforts on educating the public on questions of sex.


It may be hard, but it's a choice and should be allowed


Abortion should be allowed, it may not be a very pleasant fact or process, but it’s a matter of the parents’ personal life and it should be their decision entirely, as long as it’s lawfully and medically possible. Of course, they should carefully consider all the alternatives first, but if there’s no other option, they should have a chance to do it.
It’s better to not have a baby if you’re not ready or if you can’t bring it up properly because of lacking resources.
There are many difficult circumstances of unwanted pregnancies that external parties often don’t understand, often the father isn’t in the picture and a pregnancy is physically and emotionally heavy on women, especially if they’re alone.


It must be allowed - her body, her choice


As long as the embryo/foetus needs the mother’s body to exist, it is entirely her choice whether she keeps it or not and nobody has the right to forbid it. We shouldn’t limit a woman’s personal freedom - that of choosing what to do with her body, of pursuing her education/career etc. Many women choose not to have children at all, and that choice is as legitimate as having many children. Contraception is never 100% effective, so as long as there’s a risk, there should be freedom of dealing with results the way we want to.
If a woman has an abortion when she needs it, safe and properly conducted procedures have extremely low risk factors and she’s more likely to have a healthy, wanted baby later in life, when she can provide it with decent living conditions - it will be better for both her and the child’s mental health.