Author Irina

10.04.2019 14:56

Carrying a gun legally-opinions?

Carrying a gun legally-opinions?

Carrying a gun legally-opinions?

There is no universally agreed opinion about whether carrying a gun should be legal or not. Here we present you with the most common views on this hotly discussed matter. Have a look and vote for the one you agree with the most. 

Absolutely, it is part of human rights


Every person has the right to defend him or herself as well as their property. So every person should have the right to use a gun for this purpose, especially considering that the police often fail to react on time.


It should be legal, but weapons should not be concealed


Concealed weapons pose a threat for fellow citizens, we all have the right to know that the person next to us is armed. So visible satchels should be used for guns.


Guns should be legal, but not for everyone…


There should be regulations regarding gun permits. Persons should have no criminal records, should pass a mental health test etc.


No, because not everyone knows how to use a gun


Those in the law enforcement have undergone special trainings on how to use guns. Not every citizen can do the same, so the risk of unintentional injuries increases. Apart from that, hot-headed confrontations might lead to tragic consequences.


No, only law enforcement officials should be able to carry guns


It is their primal duty to protect fellow citizens. If every person is allowed to have a gun, this important function will be lost. The order will be based on mutual fear rather than respect of the law.


Absolutely not, if everyone is armed, the level of violence and criminal activity will increase


If everyone is armed, what will stop them from using the guns as they want? We have enough crime and shootings now, so why should we further encourage the culture of violence?