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25.10.2018 13:20

How do you feel about #MeToo ?

How do you feel about #MeToo ?

How do you feel about #MeToo ?

The #metoo campaign, starting in 2017 in US, set another milestone in stopping the sexual harassment of women by men with power. However, some say it created another extreme which will make it difficult for women and men to create relationships at all. Have a look at the variance of opinions on this and let us know what yours are.

8 A Radical Revolution is Needed


Throughout history, men have oppressed and narrowed women. The improvement of justice is only possible through radical measures, including castration of harassing men, should there be a need to do it. Equality will be achieved only if we manage to transform men. We’ll bring men to the point in their opinion when they will no longer humiliate women, not to mention sexually harass them. Women should instigate a change in which they will turn things upside-down. The era in which men will fight for their place and climb the social ladder until they find a place equal to women.


7 Men Must Pay the Price


If a woman states that a man has harassed her, it shouldn’t be questioned. Of course she’s right because, after all, she’s the one who felt the harassment. It’s necessary to end the era of men who allow themselves to treat women disrespectfully, which includes the following: her body, her desires, and her feelings. Only a woman can determine whether she has been sexually harassed or not. Each accused man must pay the price, even just for looking at her.  There’s no gentle way to correct the faulty norms that have been rooted deeply into the society.


6 Cautious, But Effective Battle with an Emphasis on Shame


The Western society undergoes the processes of revocation of the norms of the old world. There are lots of challenges in this process. On one hand, you have to be very cautious of the abuse in cases with sexual harassment, as it is an existing weapon in the hands of women against men. In order to eliminate the phenomenon, it must be fought without discrimination. In order to create the egalitarian environment for women, that is reliable and respectful, we must deal with sexual harassment at the legislative level and if necessary, imprison men. However, this must be done after a thorough investigation, in order not to repeat the injustice towards women through injustice towards men. In addition, it’s possible and worthy to use shame towards men-harassers. That would be an excellent way to teach younger generations about what is acceptable and what is not.


5 Changes from Within a Woman


Sexual harassment, in its modern definition, exists in a grey area of a relationship between women and men. We must distinguish sexual assault/harm and/or abuse of authority that falls under the criminal field, compared to an inappropriate treatment. If women are equal to men, then presenting them as helpless victims only weakens and affects them. A woman who knows her value and doesn’t feel inferior is supposed to deal proudly with a man who treats her in an inappropriate way. Therefore, we should create a sense of expectation so they will be aware of how to deal with men who harass them. In the society that expects an equal and respectful relationship between men and women, it will be possible to create an improved society, where two genders will be protected and simultaneously facilitate the status of female equality in the society.


4 #MeeToo Campaign Got us off the Hook


There’s a pendulum movement that derives from a situation when men harm and use women. But today we are witnessing an opposite reality in which women impose accusations and put shame on men, sometimes for actions that were appropriate when they occurred. It’s prohibited to give a helping hand to someone who lost a balance and thus, we have to listen to stories about harassment from the past. This must be improved and we should only address harassment cases that took place in the present and even then, shouldn’t provide women with much power against men. Things really turn upside-down. It should be possible to correct injustice towards women without committing injustice towards men.


3 Women Sexually Harassed by Men -  It Takes Two to Tango


It takes two to Tango – an obvious situation is when there’s a man who sexually harasses someone, but there can also be a woman indulging in the same activity. Women can’t blame men of harassment when they are dressed and behave in a way that provokes a man to get attracted to their sexuality. It’s impossible to state that women in such situations are victims of the repeated harassment from men, disregarding the fact that men themselves become exposed to provocations from women. If women don’t want to be sexually harassed, they are invited to hide their sexuality. Not use make-up, not put on clothes that accentuate the attractive parts of their bodies, etc. A woman, who doesn’t want to encounter sexual harassment, should take that into an account. It’s difficult to believe that men would sexually harass women that hide their sexuality. We must spread the awareness in the society - if we want to stop the sexual harassment phenomenon, then we must also remove outdoor signs of dogmas, it is up to women to decide whether their sexuality is good or not. It’s a double-edged sword.


2 Sexual Harassment Became a Weapon in Women’s Hands


We live in a generation in which women look for opportunities to use their sexuality against men, to impose false blame on them, threaten, put them under pressure and make them compensate for the inflicted “harm”.  We must cease it. Women used to be afraid of men, but nowadays men are afraid of women. Men are afraid of being in the same room with women. They are afraid to conduct business and to talk, fearing legal consequences concerning sexual harassment. It’s necessary to end these destructive tendencies and discourage women from accusing every man of being a harasser.


1 Sexual Harassment = Denial and Self-Righteousness


A response to sexual harassment is based on denial and self-righteousness. Men are breadwinners and women are homemakers. Women’s sexuality is a unique one, she gives life to offsprings, gives love and her sexuality, and in return man supports and protects her. In a modern society, it’s merely a seeming division of roles, while in reality, it’s clearly different underneath. However, out biology hasn’t changed, nor has our social behavior. Women seduce men and men conquer them. Therefore, it’s true that sometimes women dislike it, but that’s how it works. The tendency of suppressing men’s sexual role will lead to the oppression of women, as they will also behave in the same way. It doesn’t make sense to deny that a man’s sexuality is a strong need, which drives him to relate to a woman’s sexuality in an “excessive” way. Similarly, a woman has a need of feeling weak and being looked after, which attracts her to an experienced and strong man.