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01.03.2019 14:24

Should children be given sex education at schools?

Should children be given sex education at schools?

Should children be given sex education at schools?

Many say that there are plenty of reasons why sex education should be part of the curriculum in every school. However, there are still some who disagreee, for various reasons. What do you think? We have summed up the most widespread opinions on this issue here - have a read and vote for the one that's closest to yours.

They Definitely Should


If we want to decrease the rates of child sexual abuse, teenage pregnancies and abortions, as well as sexually transmitted diseases and help people have a healthy view of sexuality and related issues, then it needs to be done. It's obvious, isn't it?


They Should. However...


They should be given sex ed at schools, however, there are many factors like the teachers' qualification,  the age at which it is provided etc.,  that need to be considered. Information given incorrectly can sometimes do more harm than good, so we need to be careful. 


It Should Be Decided Individually By Each Parent


Parents know best about the level of readiness of their children - each child is an individual, with his or  her own pace of development (physical as well as mental). So it shouldn't be compulsory and parents should be the one to decide.


Well... Partially


There are certain basic things that definitely need to be taught, like human anatomy and hygiene. However, sexual intercourse before marriage should not be promoted or encouraged. The education needs to be quite specific, not going into details about sexuality. 


No. Religion Is Against It


Sex education at school is at odds with most religious ideologies. Unless these disparities are sorted out by someone who has a clear knowledge of religious mentalities, as well as elements in sex ed that can offend them,  such lessons will actually confuse the students more, as they may start learning about other views in contradiction with what they're taught at home.