Author: Irina

11.04.2019 15:25

Should prostitution be legal?

Should prostitution be legal?

Should prostitution be legal?

Some think that prostitution is just a profession which should be legalized. Others support only partial legalization, while some would like to see it prohibited altogether. What do you think? Mark your opinion on this scale and see how many people agree with you. 

Yes, prostitution should be legal, with minimal regulations from the government


Prostitution should be viewed as a normal profession, like any other. The government should only interfere in cases of cohesion and human trafficking. People should be given freedom to govern all the other aspects of this trade.


Yes, prostitution should be legal and strictly regulated by the state


Legalization means putting prostitution under the framework of law. This puts responsibilities on all sides involved in this trade. People employed in prostitution should obtain licenses, undergo medical check-ups, work in special facilities etc.



No change is necessary


Prostitution has always existed and will continue to do so, it’s a personal matter of those involved and no further interference is needed to regulate the business.


Selling one’s body should be allowed but procuring should be criminalized


Prostitution with mutual consent between individuals should be legal but third parties such as panders (or the pimps as they are better known) who solicit prostitution and take money for that should be prosecuted.



No, prostitution should be illegal


Those involved in prostitution should be arrested and this amoral trade should be banned altogether