Author Irina

24.04.2019 15:13

Should vaccination be compulsory?

Should vaccination be compulsory?

Should vaccination be compulsory?

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is the question. Despite numerous medical recommendations some people still doubt the safety of vaccines. What do you think? Should vaccination be compulsory? Have your say and see how many people agree with our opinion.

Vaccination should be compulsory


Infectious disease mortality rates have declined around the globe because people have turned to compulsory scheduled vaccination. Abandoning the practice might increase the risk of new epidemics. That’s why it is vitally important for us to keep to the scheme of compulsory vaccination prescribed by professionals.


Vaccination should be compulsory only when there is danger of an epidemic


If cases of an infectious disease start occurring frequently, leading to increased risks of an epidemic, vaccination should become temporarily mandatory. Once the risks are alleviated we should return to non-compulsory vaccination.


Parents should be able to make a decision about vaccination


Family members should be able to decide whether they want to vaccinate their children or not. Forcing them to do otherwise is a violation of their rights and freedom of choice. Not even the state is allowed to interfere with those rights.


Vaccination is not needed


The immune system is designed to battle diseases and unnatural interference with our bodies will not bring us any good.


Vaccination is harmful for health and should be prohibited


It is believed that vaccination leads to severe illnesses and fatal consequences. Some doctors and scientists might frown upon the idea but where is the guarantee that vaccination will not damage our children’s health?