Quiz: Guess the islands

Due to its sun and golden beaches, vacationing on an island is a dream for lots of people. As soon as the summer sets in, the idea of tanning on an island gets more and more attractive. Today’s quiz is about these hot, colorful islands.  Let’s see how well you know different islands.  Take this quiz and find out!

Quiz: What do you actually know about Armenia's independence?

This quiz is about the Democratic Republic of Armenia. If you know the history of the South Caucasus quite well, answering these questions shouldn't be difficult. So, focus and try to remember the history of Georgia's neighbor.

Quiz: What do you actually know about Azerbaijan's independence?

Our quiz today is about the history of Azerbaijan's independence. Let’s see how well you know the important details

Quiz: Guess the meaning of these hand gestures and their countries of origin.

The meaning of a particular gesture may vary from country to country.  Our topic today is exactly on that. Quiz yourself on how well you know various gestures and their meanings. 

Quiz: Guess these South Caucasian dishes.

The South Caucasus offers a wide variety of unique dishes. Today’s quiz is exactly on that — guess the origins of each dish, where are they from?

Quiz: Death note

If you clicked on this page, you must also love manga and anime. Throughthenews made up a quiz on the wildly popular and beloved series "Death Note." You have 12 questions to face.  Let's find out if you know the rules of "Death Note". True or False/ Perhaps, only diehard fans will be able to tell.

Quiz: Naruto

Our new quiz is about Japanese manga—Naruto. However, this quiz is for those who have watched Naruto. Let’s see how much you actually remember. Part one: 

Quiz: Friends

Today’s quiz is about one of the most popular TV series of all time. Take the quiz to see how well you remember the iconic show

Quiz: How Well You Know Political Terminology

Let’s see how well you know the definition of political terms 

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