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14.07.2020 15:36

Quiz: How well do you remember the 7 wonders of the world?

The 7 wonders of the world represent the most ancient civilizations. 

Each one of them was created by humans. 

It would seem like we all know the list by heart - or at least we used to.

However, it is now time to refresh our knowledge and check how well we remember details about them. :)

Let's start

The great pyramid at giza

10.08.2020 13:34

... Palace of princess Diana of Ephesus

10.08.2020 13:34

Pyramids of Egypt

10.08.2020 13:34

Only pyramid of Egypt

24.07.2020 01:20

Rhodes is clearly in Europe!

22.07.2020 16:49



16.07.2020 04:39


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