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22.07.2020 19:20

Quiz: Myth or Fact: LGBTQ Edition


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There are common misconceptions about the LGBTQ+ community and the purpose of the movement for their rights. A lot of people go around believing false stories and agendas about the members as well as allies  of this varied community. In this quiz, we will try to bust myths and misconceptions, so we can elevate your knowledge on the subject. Let’s see how many myths you believe to be true.

All effort to justify homosexualities will not work

10.08.2020 13:34

This is not true, our body is programmed to like the opposite sex.

10.08.2020 13:34

You're very wrong with this accertion. A lot of childhood incidence traumatizes a child age affects their decision till adulthood

10.08.2020 13:34


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