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22.07.2020 15:37

What do you know about bullying?



Bullying is a type of anti-social behavior that, according to experts, is a characteristic feature of groups that single out a particular person or another group and make them the object of their aggression. Bullying is considered to be one of the most important and relevant topics in today’s world since it often has dire consequences, especially for adolescents. 


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All of them

22.08.2020 19:03

All of them

22.08.2020 19:03

Hi I wrote articles on various topics, you can read them on Instagram @mariawrites95. This is an article regarding bullying Bullying isnt a new word when we talk about problems of life. verb gerund or present participle: bullying seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable). There are different types one can get bullied by  Eg. Verbal bullying, cyber bullying, sexual bullying, physical bullying and the most common cyber bullying. Bullying is always done by the weak,by the person who has hold on someone. The bully knows that the victim cannot fight or raise voice against him. Bullying is a novel of many chapters ;a big novel, and you have no idea where to start from just like me while writing this article. Victims usually maintain  silence and this is where the bully benifits, talking to someone who you trust is very important but this is something every school teaches so I'll talk about something your school doesn't teach which is what to do when the person you trust disagrees and considers you wrong .If I talk practically, you don't wanna make a rotu image in front of  any elder or someone your age so the worst you do is comprise which according to you is a wise decision. What I would do in such situation is to first cry it all out in front of the mirror because in most cases you cry every tear out in front of a mirror. Remember you will always be loved by the divine power and talking to him is what one should do but forgets. As a victim it is hard to always be very brave or to tell your story publicly because we forget thinking about LOG KYA KAHEGAY is completely useless, it's best to confront and once you're done I'm sure some people might call you shakaiti tuttu or rotu and that is because they are powerless now and this is the only way you can feel bad about confronting, they know you've won against bad. At the end I would say you won't be a rotu if you talk about it.

10.08.2020 13:34


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