Quiz: Guess these South Caucasian dishes.

The South Caucasus offers a wide variety of unique dishes. Today’s quiz is exactly on that — guess the origins of each dish, where are they from?

Quiz: Death note

If you clicked on this page, you must also love manga and anime. Throughthenews made up a quiz on the wildly popular and beloved series "Death Note." You have 12 questions to face.  Let's find out if you know the rules of "Death Note". True or False/ Perhaps, only diehard fans will be able to tell.

Quiz: Friends

Today’s quiz is about one of the most popular TV series of all time. Take the quiz to see how well you remember the iconic show

Quiz: The Animal Kingdom

This quiz will introduce you to various facts about animals. Let’s find out what you know about the animal kingdom!

Quiz: True or False?

Let’s see if you can guess right and how intuitive you really are...

Quiz: The Solar System and the Planets

This quiz will help you check how much you actually remember about the solar system.

quiz: Breaking Bad

If you're a fan of Breaking Bad, this quiz is for you.

Quiz: Guess the painter from their work

Let’s check together how much you know about the arts.

Quiz: Science and the World’s Biggest Discoveries

Science has changed the world numerous times.  Let’s see how well you know famous scientists and their discoveries. 

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