Quiz: Naruto

Our new quiz is about Japanese manga—Naruto. However, this quiz is for those who have watched Naruto. Let’s see how much you actually remember. Part one: 

Quiz: Only True History Fans Will Beat This Quiz

We've all studied history in either school or university, some of the general information is remembered by all. But do you remember the answer to these questions? 

quiz: Can you guess the famous friendships in history?

We know a lot of historical figures, their achievements and birthdays, but can you guess correctly if these famous pairs were friends, or strangers?

Quiz: Do You Remember It Right? Mandela effect edition

Mandela effect is a phenomenon where a number of people remember events, sayings, or images differently than they actually are.
So are you one of the people who remember it wrong?

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Body Language?

This quiz will measure your knowledge of one part of nonverbal communication - body language.

Protection or Violation? Parenting a Teenager

We decided to test your knowledge and educate you at the same time, about what is protection and what is violation of their rights.

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