Quiz: League of Legends

Quiz for champions. League of Legends is the most popular online game of all time.  This quiz will test how well you know your favorite game and its history.

Quiz: Guess the brand by its logo

You may have seen our previous quiz on brands. Part 2 of Name the Brand features lesser-known brands. Let’s see if you can recognize them.   


Quiz: Can you name the country by its flag?

We gathered some of the countries and their flags in this quiz, are you ready to guess them all?

Quiz: Can You Guess the Movie Based on Just One Scene?

Check if you can guess these movies based on a single scene from each.

Quiz: How well do you remember Game of Thrones?

Nine noble families fight for control over the lands of Westeros, while an ancient enemy returns after being dormant for millennia. 

Quiz: What do you know about sex and gender

Let's find out how well you know about Gender and Sex 

quiz: How special are your features?

Everyone is different from each other, like fingerprints, we are differentiated form each other by different tones, colors, features, etc. To evaluate how rare your features are, take this quiz!

Quiz: World mythology, Deities

If you're interested in various myths and deities, this quiz is for you.  Take this quiz to check your knowledge of mythology and deities.
Science can tell you how the world functions, but only myth can tell you why it functions the way it does.

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