Quiz: What do you know about sex and gender

Let's find out how well you know about Gender and Sex 

quiz: How special are your features?

Everyone is different from each other, like fingerprints, we are differentiated form each other by different tones, colors, features, etc. To evaluate how rare your features are, take this quiz!

Quiz: World mythology, Deities

If you're interested in various myths and deities, this quiz is for you.  Take this quiz to check your knowledge of mythology and deities.
Science can tell you how the world functions, but only myth can tell you why it functions the way it does.

Quiz: What do you know about philosophers?

In this quiz we will learn about famous philosophers their quotes, views, and theories. We will highlight their main contributions and analyze their role in the history of ideas. Are you ready to meet them? 

Quiz: How much do you know about the origins of political philosophy?

Contemporary political ideologies that shape our lives today are not a modern-day creation.  Each has evolved in its own unique and varied ways over time. This quiz will help you test your knowledge. 


Quiz: Myth or Fact: LGBTQ Edition

In this quiz, we will try to bust myths and misconceptions, so we can elevate your knowledge on the subject. Let’s see how many myths you believe to be true.

What do you know about bullying?

Bullying is a type of anti-social behavior that, according to experts, is a characteristic feature of groups that single out a particular person or another group and make them the object of their aggression.

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