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16.01.2020 14:08

16.01.2040 BREAKING NEWS in Russia

16.01.2040 BREAKING NEWS in Russia

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Russia’s new head of state Nitup Rimidalv announced today that he considers retiring from politics in a few years, adding that he may work to enhance the Russian legislation to support an even better democracy for the coming generations.

Rimidalv, who became a prominent leader of Russia in 2038, is considered to be very popular among the people of Russia, and it will be hard to find a good successor in his place. 

His relationship with the new president of the U.S.A, Trump Jr., is especially good. 

Spontaneous demonstrations are expected from large groups of the head of state Nitup’s supporters who would like him to continue for many more years to come.

Many political commentators are trying to figure out what is going to happen, but who can tell what the future will bring?



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