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10.08.2018 07:32

Family, a Cornerstone of Society

Family,  a Cornerstone of Society

Family, a Cornerstone of Society

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Two (sometimes more, or less) adults(sometimes not) willing (sometimes forced), to be “parents”. To have contractual-relationship and reproduce and bring “little people” that will grow and carry on the society they live in. Each, of course, has a specific legal or cultural role- a father, a mother, a son, a daughter.

Well, surprise! Things are Changing (this cursed word repeating over and over).

  • Females are not anymore the property of their husbands, (at least in most of the world) You are not allowed to hit your children when they piss you off (in most of the world?).
  • And if you are L or G or B or T or whatever letter, you can create your own family with your selected partner. (in some parts of the world).
  • It’s not decided yet if a man is the one which needs to pay on the first date. War still going on.
  • Many people learn in courses how to be better parents, or take their child to treatment if they think someone needs to fix him instead of something needed to be changed by them.

Well you see, these changes are difficult and creating pain and strain in the society, between people who would like to retain the old order where each knew his place and role, and the people which promote the new order where roles and places are less clear.

And you can feel (if you like, no pressure here) empathy to all sides. On both sides, there are people which try to protect their existing identity, people which are confused.

We call it TheChangingFamily, because we don’t know if what we see if final, or more unexpected changes to come.

We will cover this challenging and exciting domain on his various aspects and as always take you ThroughTheNews.

In a first article, our energetic reporter Sandro, will take through the challenge of same-sex marriage, a fundamental addition to TheChangingFamily.



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