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The Holy Sins of George Soros

The Holy Sins of George Soros

The Holy Sins of George Soros

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A man of controversies 

Over the past few decades, George Soros, who recently turned 88, and was named Person of the Year in 2018, according to The Financial Times, remains one of the most controversial figures of our time.

“Behind every great fortune lies a great crime” - this quote by Honoré de Balzac (also reimagined by Mario Puzo in his “Godfather”)  is still used by many people to explain their negative attitude towards the billionaires and the people influencing the world order.
But rarely has any billionaire been so often called a monster, a rascal and even the devil himself. If we believe in countless conspiracy theories disseminated by right-wing critics, Soros is guilty of organizing chemical attacks on Syrian children, overthrowing the governments of Macedonia, Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, and other countries through psychological warfare and organizing a large-scale migration of millions of Muslims to Europe.

Meanwhile, very few billionaires were so extolled for their contribution to the formation of the world order, protection of the principles of liberal democracy, construction of democratic institutions in third world countries, and protection of freedom of speech and human rights.

In 2015 Soros received an "Order of Freedom" award from the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The president underlined the significant role of the International Foundation "OSF” (Open Society Foundation) established by Soros, in the development of the Ukrainian state and the establishment of democracy. In addition, Poroshenko expressed his gratitude for Soros’ efforts and his long-term comprehensive plan to support Ukraine, as well as for the professional councils on public finances.


A visionary dreamer

In 1984 (a very symbolic year, if we speak of A New World Order), in Hungary - the country of his birth - Soros opened an organization that provided photocopiers to universities and libraries, facilitating the dissemination of information beyond governmental control. Soros took the name for his foundation from the book of famous philosopher and his teacher, Karl Popper. 
Since Soros has lived under both, the communist and the Nazi regimes, he hoped to help in the development of "open societies" in authoritarian states. Today, the foundation has more than 40 offices in various countries. They finance projects in the fields of education, health, civil initiatives, assistance to migrants, etc. The budget of the organization in early 2017 was $ 940.7 million.

At the end of 2017, according to The Wall Street Journal, he transferred most of his fortune - almost 18 billion dollars - to the “Open Society Foundation”. This means that Open Society can now be considered the second biggest charitable foundation in the US after the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”, whose assets are around $ 30 billion. 

Supporters of the business-tycoon argue that Eastern-European countries, such as Georgia and Ukraine, became better after Soros's direct or indirect intervention. According to them, the standards of living have improved, the democracy has become stronger, there are more active citizens in the countries, which leads to non-governmental organizations trying to exert power over the State, and therefore leads to better protection of civil rights and freedoms. Thus, in their opinion, the end justifies the means.


“The Attack of Satan”

In 1992, Soros participated in heavy shorting the British pound and reportedly made a profit of $1 billion. He became known as the man who broke the Bank of England.

He was able to earn on the collapse of the currency of the once sheltered country. He managed to do this thanks to the insider information when he found out the position of the leading central banks of Europe about the matter of supporting the British currency.

Right now the UK is also horrified by Soros's actions, as London's politicians have published information that points to the involvement of the billionaire in Brexit. According to this data, over the past few years, Soros has donated a fortune to finance various organizations that favor the cancellation of the results of the Brexit referendum. 

Recently, the tycoon is especially despised in his native country. The Hungarian authorities deported members of the state branch of “Open Society”. The bill was conventionally called "Stop Soros", which says a lot. It’s considered that it was the illegal immigration issue in Europe that prompted Hungary to take this step, as this phenomenon is promoted by some public organizations financed by Soros.

Government official Andras Aradski expressed the opinion that Soros and his team are trying to humiliate the Christian spirit of Europe, filling its countries with refugees. He calls the actions of the billionaire an "attack of Satan."

Spokesman for the Hungarian government Zoltan Kovács said that the debate over the OSF grew out of "two opposing views on democracy." While Soros believes that civil society should act as a controller of the executive, Kovacs argues that only elected officials can legitimately "implement the policy".

"Soros has never been chosen by anyone, organizations like NGOs, human rights groups, etc. too, were never elected by anyone," he said in an interview with the Financial Times. “[They] clearly interfere in the process of determining how political decisions should be made. And this is wrong. "
By the the end of 2018, after continuous disagreements with the local government,  it became clear that the Central European University (CEU), which is funded by Soros, will leave Budapest for Vienna.


What else will George Soros (a man who is in his late eighties) do? Will he change his image or will he act in his old manner? Only the future will tell. You can love or hate Soros, but one thing is certain - he’s a man of large scale who has entered into a singular combat with the outside world and its order, making his own rules, and the “Open Society” will implement his ideas even after his death. Which means that Soros will be both loved and hated for at least several more decades.


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