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02.04.2020 13:33

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

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As time goes by, more and more people are starting to notice - the Coronavirus outbreak affects not only their health and wallets. Very often, staying home comes at a high price - marriages and relationships are also in danger.

China was first - several cities have already faced a rise in divorces. Psychologists, family lawyers and sociologists suggest that Europe and the US are next.  

But that’s not all - some think that as the crisis goes by, we might soon rethink our approach towards love, relationships, dating, sex and the family…

People were lamenting that due to hard work they can't spend enough time with their own families. As a result of strict quarantine measures, hundreds of thousands couples are forced to stay home, thus spending much more time together than they were ever used to. What was seen as a sentimental dream might as well turn into an endless nightmare.

Psychologists assume that self-isolation doesn’t bring anything new to the relationships. However, it puts everything under a magnifying glass. Both positive and negative aspects become more visible. 

The observations of divorce lawyers also don't look promising. They note that for them, peak times are during the summer holidays and over Christmas. Or, in other words, the most dangerous periods were when the couples had to spend more time  together than usual.

But others claim that the impact onrelationships is still to be calculated. And the outcome is unclear - it can be a rise in domestic violence and divorces, but on the other hand we might also expect the boom of “Coronababies” in 9 months.  In the end, the crisis may have positive consequences. Relationships that survive the crisis can become stronger and partners can get vaccinated from previous problems ...

Meanwhile, people living separately are faced with different circumstances. Jeremy, 32, ended his marriage several months ago.

Now he claims that for him it’s the best time to explore his sexuality… On his own. The absence of conflicts, various pornographic sites and video dates with people from Tinder - this is what awaits him in the upcoming months.

The epidemic continues to shift various aspects of our lives. Will it change our attitudes towards family and domestic partnership? Will we appreciate the solitude more, or will it boost our desire to find the love of our lives? 

The answers are yet to be found. However, it might just be the right time to start asking questions.


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