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16.08.2018 14:06

Military AI and Robots No Longer Science Fiction. What’s Next?


Military AI and Robots No Longer Science Fiction. What’s Next?

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The US Department of Defense concluded a five-year contract with company Booz Allen Hamilton. The price of the deal is 885 million USD. According to the agreement, artificial intelligence technologies will be used in information systems that serve everyday tasks and increase the effectiveness of the armed forces.

The company claims, that with the help of artificial intelligence, it will be easier for the militaries to cope with large amounts of data related to national security issues. Currently, hundreds of servicemen are engaged in viewing records from drones and surveillance cameras and identifying any objects with them. Artificial intelligence will handle it much faster, instantly "seeing" and analyzing the records of vehicles, military equipment, and hangars. As a result, servicemen will be able to spend more time on other issues and tasks.

According to Booz Allen Hamilton, their task is not to replace the intellect of Pentagon employees, but to simplify their lives. People will still have to follow the work of even the smartest systems. Also, they will have to solve topics, that cannot be decided by mathematical algorithms alone, including relying on their own moral principles and striving to preserve human lives.

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Context: The military spending on AI worldwide continue to grow rapidly.  For example, The Department of Defense of US spent $7.4 billion in the fiscal year of 2017 on cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies. Besides, worldwide spending on military robots also continues to grow.  Some analysts predict that it will reach $245 billion in 2026, with China being the world leader.

Follow UP Questions:

  • What are the threats and probabilities that someday AI could go rogue?  (Elon Musk’s concern that AI could trigger World War III)
  • Is it really a Big deal and could it influence the balance of power in the World? E.g. can countries like Russia and China disrupt US military superiority?  (According to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin “The Nation that leads in AI will be the ruler of the world”.)
  • What are the ethical aspects? Should we give an opportunity to deprive the questions of life and death to AI?



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