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27.08.2018 13:47

Pope Francis Accused of Covering Sexual Abuse Cases

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Accused of Covering Sexual Abuse Cases

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On Sunday, August 26, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, published a letter in which he accused Pope Francis of ignoring sexual abuse and pedophilia claims against the archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, back in 2013.  Also, according to his Catholic Church leadership knew about these facts since 2000 and Pope Francis has participated in covering them up. In his letter, the former Ambassador of the Vatican in the United States also said that Pope should step down from the papacy.

Vigano’s accusations appeared at the moment when Francis was on a visit to Ireland, where the problem of pedophilia in the Catholic church was raised again.

According to Reuters, the Pope refused to comment on these charges and advised the media representatives to examine the papers on their own and decide whether to believe them or not.


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Context: In June, Archbishop of Washington and one of the most influential leaders of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has resigned after allegations of sexual harassment. Cardinal McCarrick is suspected of the minor's molestation and sexual relations with adult seminarians.

In recent years, this has become a frequent tendency. For example, on May, 34 Chilean bishops immediately announced their resignation, accepting the charges for concealing the sexual crimes. Theodore McCarrick became the first cardinal in the history of the United States to retire.

Last weekend, during his visit to Ireland Pope Francis, has acknowledged the failure of the Roman Catholic Church to combat manifestations of pedophilia among priests.

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