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17.07.2020 16:30

The Science Behind Homosexuality

fact-checking the LGBTQ myths

Illustration: Mariam Kanchaveli

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In the modern age and the “Era of Googling”, information is more accessible than ever. Whether it’s a pancake recipe or an astrophysics question you need answers to, google is here to help. The interesting thing is, what if the answer to the question you google is complex? What if the questions we are asking are perpetuating false stereotypes?

We will break down homosexuality, fact-check the myths around it and discuss the science behind same-sex relationships. 

The moral argument

Homosexuality of men and women has been around since, well, humanity. From ancient Egypt to Persia, same-sex relationships have existed within our culture for centuries. In Medieval Europe, attitudes toward homosexuality varied by era and region. Generally, morals and ethics are not a universal list of behaviour and traits all cultures agree upon. Some religions view same-sex relationship as going against the word of god, or against the nature of human existence, since biologically, same-sex relations cannot be fruitful. On the other hand, in China, it is believed that nearly every emperor in the Han Dynasty had one or more male sex partners.

So let’s take out the moral and ethical discussion out of the equation, to remain completely unbiased. 

Facts or fiction

When you type in “Is homosexuality a sin?” vs “Is homosexuality normal?” in google, the trend shows that 90% of people are interested in reading if  being gay is a sin. The interesting thing about google is that you can most definitely find what you’re looking for. There is bound to be a blog post about how eating peaches can cause homosexuality. Fact-checking is instrumental when consuming information, since some things you read on google are simply fiction. 

So let’s examine the first statement as either fact or fiction: 

Born this way

When we talk about homosexuality, the main argument that is used against the normalcy of it, is that it is either a social perversion or psychological deviation from nature. Let’s take a look at nature, shall we? Homosexuality exists across cultures and even throughout the animal kingdom, as the authors of a mammoth new review paper on homosexuality write. Between 6 and 10 percent of rams prefer to mount other rams, not ewes. Certain groups of female Japanese monkeys prefer the company of other females. So animals also have homosexual tendencies, because even though their counterpart is readily available for sexual intercourse, the japanese monkeys still go for their own gender. 

Many people who are closeted have expressed their wish to “not be this way”, but they can’t help it, most people, who were ever ashamed or afraid to come out will tell you, that being gay  scared them at some point, not usually because it wasn’t normal to them, but mostly because they feared rejection and persecution. 

But humans are more evolved than animals, right? What makes us human is that we do not rely on pure instincts and we do not mount,  without consent, everyone we are attracted to (Hopefully). 

The argument is not whether it’s appropriate or not, the basic truth is - it is natural. 

Natural does not equal right

The second argument flowing  from the first one is that - just because something comes naturally, does not mean it’s right. Some researchers argue that paedophilia is also an innate attraction, but what they almost always seem to miss the most important concept of sexual relations - consent. 

Consensual homosexual relations, where two people of the same gender are attracted to each other, damages or harms nobody. Moreover, the only alleged harm done by homosexual people, are the one they do to themselves, by bottling up their feelings, suppressing their desires and stressing themselves to the point that they deludedly think they’ve been “cured”. McKrae Game, the most famous founder of “reorientation centre”, has recently condemned the organization. Hope for Wholeness Network, a faith-based conversion therapy program that seeks to rid people of their LGBTQ identities. He was wrong to create a slogan promoting the idea of “freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ.” He was wrong to tell people they were doomed for all eternity if they didn’t change their ways. After 20 years working in that field, Game said he realizes the harm he has caused and that he, himself, is gay. Conversion therapy encompasses a widely discredited range of methods that purport to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Being raised by homosexuals

Another issue raised around homosexuality is the idea that children will grow up perverted, or damaged in some way, because they have two fathers or two mothers. The idea always seems to be that these people have the child’s well-being as their priority. Well, let’s take a look at the statistics. 

Based on the 2013 National Helth Interview Survey (NHIS), it is estimated that there are 690,000 same-sex couples living in the U.S., and that 19% of such couples and lesbian/gay/bisexual individuals are raising children under the age of 18. Based on these stats NHIS conducted a study, Parental and child characteristics were matched for 95 female same-sex parent and 95 different-sex parent households with children 6–17 years old. One parent per household was interviewed by telephone. Multivariate analyses of variance and multiple linear regressions were conducted.

This particular study found zero difference between the households, quote “No differences were observed between household types on family relationships or any child outcomes.” 

So the thought that the child would be in harm’s way with same-sex parents is not based on any science or research, it is just an opinion and should be treated as such. 

The Conclusion


Being gay is observed not only in humans, but in wildlife as well, so it can be considered natural.

You can’t pray the gay away. It’s innate, cannot be reversed or changed. 


Gay parents are harmful for children. 

Being homosexual is a choice. 

Being gay is going against nature. 


Some Ram "prefer" to ram? So ram is rational?

22.10.2020 06:07


Wow, only 66.7% of these commenters were interested in maintaining that a gay person (a complex human being totally aside from their sexuality mind you) is a sinner... is this progress towards dissolving a culture of ignorance? Perhaps. Faith is collective and it only reflects the values of the media around which the members of the faith collect, read and spread their messages from. Take for example the last comment. Inane is used here to describe people (the majority) as senseless and silly when science (the repeated self questioning empirical study of) the origin of all living organisms and microorganisms indicates that evolution is real. To say genetic programming and adaptation of species over millennia has not resulted in your conception and growth is to say that material technology, science and digital programming does not allow you to comment on this blog. You contradict yourself. But you cannot be expected to know this, because your faith collects around the word of your god. A literary work of art. Literature doing its best to reflect meaning from a seasonal and uncertain existence on a world populated and seemingly controlled by or gifted to the "privileged human". Coincidence that humans are god's favorite? I think not. Emotional mediation of the rewards that are afforded to the faithful members more like. Most bibles don't summarise technological and scientific discoveries, and while they are edited and adapted to fit the times they rarely shift their framing on social opinions. So they may or may not say that gay is okay. There are in fact plenty of religions and sub-collectives within religions that do not believe their "god-given" trait of being innately gay is a sin. Not everyone is gay, and no sane person wants this to be the case. There are plenty of people in the world, both hetero-, and homosexual (+more) and if you need faith to change your mind, how about believing (having faith) that there is someone for everyone. That every human (notwithstanding majority judgement of their actions for better or worse) deserves your god's love and the love and respect of all others. While homosexual relationships are unlikely to bear children, they are fruitful in other ways and can give a child with no parents the chance at a fairly normal and supportive upbringing. You can probably guess that I rest in the progressive camp with this discussion. Faith is not wrong, it is in fact incredibly valuable for the organisation of community and social values. It is hopeful and believes people can be better to each other. Be careful your faith is not interrupted by the secularising opinions of the few. That hate or ignorance does not become systemic of your belief system. To the writers of this article, thanks. Your have a tough audience but your work is appreciated.

11.09.2020 10:59


I knew it was because of the peaches that I am gay. My mother always told my father not to let me eat so many peaches, but he wouldn't listen. And now I am gay.

13.08.2020 22:58


Man is created to worship God that's his primary purpose not being guy is an act of worship

10.08.2020 13:34

the remains of sodom and gomorrah are proof god is against the gays

10.08.2020 13:34

This is absolutely non scientific , sorry to say but there is no logic to being gay or lesbian . And it’s a sin too in every religion of world ever .

10.08.2020 13:34

This theory is only relevant to the inane who believe that they were evolved from Monkeys

10.08.2020 13:34


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