Story 2-What people tell from Armenia and Azerbaijan

Azeris and Armenians feel about the conflict

Photo: Mariam Kanchaveli

ThroughTheNews decided to reach people whose lives are impacted by the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, giving them the stage to tell their perspective, and also to communicate with each other. The conflict doesn’t end between Armenia and Azerbaijan and its involves also Russia and Turkey.

You can read these stories, and form your own perspective, whether you are in South Caucasus or elsewhere in the world, if you feel that conflicts sometime have different angles than what is shown in news, and hate between sides is not the only solution, you are invited to share your own perspective, Through-The-News. With your name or in an anonymous way.

Mariam Grigoryan, 23 years old, from Armenia

Before the recent war, I always thought that war was inevitable as Armenians and Azerbaijanis couldn’t find common ground. Many times I heard about the dangerous roles assumed by Turkey and Russia and I, too, believed that these countries were after their own gains from the conflict. Well, I was more wary of Turkey because of the Armenian Genocide and never-ending hatred towards Armenians.

Plus, Turks want to enlarge their country as much as possible and it is a perfect opportunity for them to “use” Azerbaijan. Similarly, Armenians are being “used” by the Russian Government. I don’t want to give names as it is a huge political group with its secret aims.

To conclude this, I would only say that this conflict is important for Russia and Turkey and they don’t want it to end. Through the nations they gain more power in the region.

Heydar Isayev, 25 years old, from Azerbaijan

My attitude has always been that both countries are at fault. In the 90s, during the negotiations, and in the last war, all the time. My friends always get angry about that; they call it"both-sideism"— when people claim that both sides are at fault. I don't mind it, although I also think that sometimes there is an "equalization of pain" in the media.

I think that both sides were at fault leading up to the start of the conflict, by preventing negotiations from achieving peaceful resolution and then once again in the lead up to the last war. And, during the last war again, there were war crimes, the killing of civilians, and circulation of fake news on both sides. 

I feel terrible for those who lost their loved ones. For me, the most tragic was the kids who lost both parents. You can console adults, but you can't explain to a kid why he or she lost parents. But my relationships with my Armenian friends never changed. I don't have huge hopes for any betterment in the long run, but still I believe there is a need for dialogue, communication, and exchange of ideas.



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