Story 3-What people tell from Armenia and Azerbaijan

people from Armenia and Azerbaijan

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ThroughTheNews decided to reach people whose lives are impacted by the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, giving them the stage to tell their perspective, and also to communicate with each other. The conflict doesn’t end between Armenia and Azerbaijan and its involves also Russia and Turkey.

You can read these stories, and form your own perspective, whether you are in South Caucasus or elsewhere in the world, if you feel that conflicts sometime have different angles than what is shown in news, and hate between sides is not the only solution, you are invited to share your own perspective, Through-The-News. With your name or in an anonymous way.

 Ali Mamedov, 27 years old, from Azerbaijan (Because of the author's request, name is changed)

I think it's the evil politics of Russia.

With Russian interference we lost our sovereignty. These territories are internationally recognized Azerbaijani territories. This doesn’t make me happy because Russia is involved, which is a big problem for both countries, Armenia and Azerbaijan. It will have a grip on both countries. The European Union could help us solve this problem better than Russia. As for the war, it was devastating. Many people died on both sides. Hatred deepened again. We are neighbors — we should not fight each other.

Armenian people can have Azerbaijani passports there. However, it will be hard for them to live side by side with the IDPs that were displaced from that region. That's why Europe's solid involvement would solve many problems, help to heal the wounds of the war, and start reconciliation of these nations. However, Russia doesn't want this to happen. It wants to make us enemies forever.

I feel disappointed that people died and the nations again became enemies. The war fueled the fire which is bad for both sides. My friends lost their lives in the war and I feel kind of afraid that Azerbaijan might not be an independent country anymore. I will be happy if Armenia and Azerbaijan solve this problem by themselves, not with the involvement of Russia.

Finally, I feel our nations must realize that it's possible to live together, like France and Germany or Germany and the Netherlands live peacefully. That's why Europe's model should be implemented.

Arman Matinyan, 27 years old, from Armenia

We must consider all these in the Russian -Turkish game of dividing the regions (Middle East, South Caucasus, Central Asia, Black Sea Basin.) Russia, losing Ukraine, Central Asia and the South Caucasus year by year, losing the potential to remain alone in a dominant position, has to share all this with Erdogan, another imperial fanatic.

Unlike Armenia, which is almost 100% under pressure from the Kremlin, Azerbaijan has enough resources (more open borders, oil, gas, a partner like Turkey) to resist the Kremlin's games. Thus, Russia sacrificed Armenia in order to bring Azerbaijan to its union (EAEU, CSTO) clearly knowing that Armenia is in his hands anyway.

Here I would like to quote Dugin, one of the ideologues of Russian neo-imperialism: "We helped Azerbaijan to return Karabakh, now it is Azerbaijan's turn to fulfill its obligations to join the EAEU and CSTO."

It is also expedient to quote Kremlin Press Secretary Peskov, who made a statement in one of the recent interviews, that it would be perfect for them to have Russia on the borders of the time of Nicholas II.



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