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21.08.2018 08:04

Turkey in Search of New Allies

Turkey in Search of New Allies

Turkey in Search of New Allies

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The deterioration in the power game between US and Turkey changed our Thermometer values:




Relations with the US continue to remain heavy, both sides do not hesitate in harsh statements about one another.


European Union

The head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Mevlüt Cavuşoğlu reported that Turkey has begun the normalization of relations with the countries of the European Union. He claims, that President Erdogan has already held telephone talks with Angela Merkel and intends to talk with the president of France Emmanuel Macron.

Deutsche Welle brings words of the head of the German Social Democratic Party, Andrea Nahles - “Turkey is a NATO partner who we cannot ignore. It is in everyone's interest that Turkey remains economically stable and that the current turbulence involving its currency can be stemmed. ”


At the same time, according to Russian media, Turkey and Russia have started negotiations on abolishing the visa regime.

"We support the idea that our citizens can visit Russia without any problems with visas," the minister said, noting that work in this direction is already underway.

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Qatar plans to invest $ 15 billion into the Turkish economy.

Turkey counter-attacks as the minister also called on the countries affected by the US sanctions to give a coordinated response and said that Turkey will overcome this period together with other states, including Germany, Russia, and China.


Join the discussion: Should Turkey release Andrew Branson?


Context: As a result of American sanctions and Tarif waves, Turkish national currency, Lira decreased by around 40% since January. Evangelical pastor Andrew Brunson was detained by the Turkish authorities two years ago. According to Ankara, he attempted to carry out a coup in the country with the support of the Islamist preacher Fethullah Gülen, who heads the FETO organization, which Ankara considers terroristic. On Wednesday, the court rejected his appeal to be released from house arrest. This entailed sanctions from the side of US. For example, The White House has placed sanctions on two leading Turkish ministers and has doubled tariffs on metal imports from Turkey.  The government of Erdogan has answered by raising tariffs on alcohol, tobacco, fruits and other American products. Besides, Turkey plans to boycott Apple and other American electronics.

Follow Up questions:

  • Do the Turkish people feel that the crisis is Erdogan fault or that of the US (side note - the same question can be asked in Iran)?
  • Is Andrew Branson guilty? (In his recent Tweet President Trump has called him an innocent man)?
  • Should Turkish people punish because of their leader?
  • How will the latest event reflect on the geopolitical situation in the region?
  • Does the crisis in relations between Turkey and the US jeopardize their military ties? (Both are members of NATO)



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