Story 1-What people tell from Armenia and Azerbaijan

people from Armenia and Azerbaijan

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ThroughTheNews decided to reach people whose lives are impacted by the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, giving them the stage to tell their perspective, and also to communicate with each other. The conflict doesn’t end between Armenia and Azerbaijan and its involves also Russia and Turkey.

You can read these stories, and form your own perspective, whether you are in South Caucasus or elsewhere in the world, if you feel that conflicts sometime have different angles than what is shown in news, and hate between sides is not the only solution, you are invited to share your own perspective, Through-The-News. With your name or in an anonymous way.


Syuzanna Ghukasyan, 27 years old, from Armenia

From my point of view, it was definitely pre-planned, and it's a big game between Russia and Turkey, in particular, Russia's game. This assumption is corroborated by the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoygu, who spoke about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in an interview with the Kazakh Tengrinews agency, mentioning complicated Russian-Turkish relations. He noted that the last "work" of the Russian -Turkish cooperation was Nagorno Karabakh. He added that it was not an easy operation. It was a complicated and delicate operation.

All this must be viewed through the lens of geopolitics.

We know that Putin intends to restore the former Russian Empire within the borders of the USSR (Soviet Union) and it perhaps started with his speech in Munich in 2007. It is hardly news that the EAEU and CSTO are Armenia's inconvenient alliances. We know that these organizations were doomed from the beginning. We all understand that there is no union, no alliance. Stalin has started this conflict and the situation is getting worse with dictator Putin for years. Consequently, we simply lose thousands of lives on both sides. And why???

Besides, as a result, Turkey always supports Azerbaijan financially and otherwise, and our ally "friend" always abandons us and what’s more, Russia supports the conflict.

There is even a sarcastic joke:

- Hey, Vasya, who do you think Russia supports in this conflict, Armenia or Azerbaijan?

- In this conflict, dear, Russia supports the conflict.

I think all open-minded people understand this. It's enough! I believe and I hope very much that many people of my generation and from the future generation will never support this conflict anymore. I want us to try to solve this problem as soon as possible. Since I think the current generation is more risky, innovative and peace-loving. I believe in their power, the power of mind. I don't want us to be the victims of manipulation created by Russia unlike our parents, who, I think, were victims. Their generation grew up listening to and seeing Russian propaganda.

We want peace and we will achieve it in a civilized and diplomatic way. This is the only way for me. Not by killing young soldiers. Unfortunately, many still support wars and killings (even unconsciously) I was amazed at how some people were happy about the hundreds of victims on both sides. This hatred sometimes has no boundaries. This is so sad for me since my hope is also for the younger generation in Azerbaijan. I have good friends from there who are peacebuilders too. Only Armenians can not end this conflict.

Although, for sure in Armenia we have many haters too. This is one of the biggest problems for me which prolongs the final resolution of this issue. And it is not their fault, I know. It is the fault of big and dirty politics, indoctrinating generations for years to hate each other over a piece of land, which disturbs peace between the people of these two countries. Furthermore, we have a big and difficult job to do with racist, homophobic and nationalist people, those who prevent progress and hinder the development and peace in these two countries.

We need a peaceful South Caucasus, without empires. Many people of my age wish to stop being allies with dictator Putin (we of course have also the vice versa.) We do not want any war, we do not want to be caught between games. I wish we were one of the member of EU countries. I wish to live as a civilized nation, at long last. But I guess it is not advantageous for Russia of course, thus it does everything in order to show that we cannot be without him in this region. Otherwise, Turkey will "swallow us whole”, etc. But all of this is part of their game. This is not true, I believe.

Perhaps at least in Armenia we have democracy, freedom of speech, we are more open in discussions and relations, but, as far as I have noticed, when communicating with Azeris, those, who are peace-builders, they are more closed, scared, afraid of government pressure and etc... Nevertheless, I see there are many peacebuilders in both countries.

A large number of my generation generally thinks that our countries will live in peace and freedom one day, without this disgraceful politic no matter what the dictators preach. We will communicate, we will not kill each other, I BELIEVE.

I want to have free Armenia, a peaceful and developing country. Open for neighbors and in front of the world, open for new challenges. Nevertheless, we, as a society, as a nation, must be ideologically ready to join the good and the strong side. I have a dream, the best is yet to come!

Ismi Shahzade, 30 years old, from Azerbaijan 

There are no winners of land wars. 

Ever since we opened our eyes, we have heard moans, painful stories, and sad memories. We complain about why the generation born in the 90s is unhappy because we know we have a neighbor that we can't see or talk to. The elders of the family do not allow it, or from time to time they lose hope of getting closer with different arguments.

By the time our generation was born, this conflict had already taken root in the ground like a tree. In the nearly 30 years since the 1st Karabakh War, we believed that much had been done to melt the ice. We never gave up hope of making peace, but later, we were caught in such a storm that the ice got even harder than a crystal. 

The 2nd Karabakh War dashed our hopes. Because those who want peace have nothing to say, there is no crowd to address. People on both sides began to fill their eyes with blood, and the hope that up until then we had not lost and held onto fast, we have now left behind.

After the 1st Karabakh War, we grew up with refugees, displaced people, families of martyrs, tent camps for post-war victims all over the country, and traumatic, indelible images and sad scenes.

The children who were expelled from their lands as infants during the war have grown up and received an education, gained a voice in the international arena, but have not forgotten their trauma.

The 2nd Karabakh War took place last year. So much peace-building work was undone, gradually disappearing in 44 days.

This war also brought tears to the eyes of both sides. Who is the winner?

Both sides lost their youth and sacrificed martyrs. As a result of the war, the neighboring hegemons, especially the Russian Federation, Turkey, and other countries arrived as if having been invited to a post-war “dinner”. 

But the tears of the mothers of the martyrs have not yet dried up.



I believe the Politics along with Forbidden aspects in reality that people partake, and support are the root of evil in all countries. The politics of conditioning, duping, making people believe all sorts of untrue ideas, notions, thoughts, and putting people in a bunch of wrong places within and outside of a person and doing so in a sophisticated way and even a forceful way based on nonsense agreements in various nonsense play-outs and fitting people in categories they do not belong in and attempt to divide and conquer people based on untrue and false misunderstandings fueled with hate, fear, and confusion. A nonsense programs issue is the biggest virus here on this earth in any given aspect of reality that people are able to manipulate each other and make people believe lies and so long people believe the lies they are than able to partake in lies that they believed or were conditioned to think were true. I agree with Syuzanna Ghukasyan. Groups of people create problems than make themselves appear like they are needed so we can support them and us in supporting those groups these groups than are able to create problems. Our support of nonsense may be the issue. Not supporting nonsense groups whether in this country and outside of our Country is the solution. We tend to possibly feel sorry, or are used to something, and even given the notion or idea that something is possibly needed and in us believing the lies, we partake or support the lies and the lies are than able to manipulate us. That is part of their game. Also, I strongly agree with Ismi Shahzade. There really is ''No winners of land wars''. You can't win anything in the wrong way. The whole thing is based on lies and lies are for no reason or for no purpose. There is no point in any conflict. Specific conscious antagonists cannot arrive to an agreement and like a result a War or Conflict arrises. These agreements are short met because things are based on lies and not Truth. Things don't add up. I also believe there's more to the story. Some continuously talk about water, money, land, or resources however this is an illusion. People living together can both have money, have land, and resources that people can mutually agree to use and live with in creating benefits while they continue. A political or lie in form issue along with nonsense programs that distort out way of thinking and experiencing. This isn't about money, land, or resources. These things are blamed. What this is really about is what I've been mentioning. A bunch of nonsense and unjust things are tied and connected to one another that when people partake or support these things that are tied and connected to one another and problems occur or persists taking the planet in a backwardly direction or violating beings whether animal, nature, aliens, and humans. When this occurs and people continue to partake in wrongful things people lose thoughts, memories, and some type of issue occurs and unjust suffering takes place. People need to wake up and wake up in the flow of all time fitting where they fit based on truth and true direction without partaking in any form of forbidden aspects. These Forbidden aspects have no place in reality and may have to do with things that may be anything with physical or emotional harm whether visions, images, thoughts, words, doings, feeling, food, liquid, wanting, needing, supporting, partaking, choosing, deciding, believing, creating, buying, selling, or entertaining or dwelling in. All things that are not making sense, adding up, or lining up based on truth may be the issue. All have to distinguish the lies from truth. The longer the lies are in reality and the more people continuously partake whether based on agreement, things being fixed, or pre-planned wrong is still wrong and issues still occur. The more people wake up, are aware, and understand most importantly in a deep level in being and partaking in truth the more they will make correct choices/decisions for future occurrences. Too many abnormalities in reality and people having fun in the incorrect or unjust way is also a huge problem. These things must change and everything else in terms of money, power, resources, land etc people can share based on being truth and with truth being equal. All must get out of all lies within and outside of themselves in any form to ever begin to understand something to be able to unlearn and in time re-learn and make correct decisions. Too many wrong measurements based on lies are the issue that have imbedded our way of life. Nonsense curiosity, nonsense tests, things not making sense and people expecting sense and if not receiving something the incorrect way throwing a tantrum and causing some sort of issues based on false weak low vibrational weak self. The politics, lack of knowledge of self, nonsense programs, conditions, agreements, misuse of truth in information, and false corruptions or manifestations in reality are the issue. Trillions of beings on this planet and each being causing tiny issue whether being aware or not aware adds up and huge problems persist like a result either going in a positive direction and feeding things that add up, or a nonsense path that things are not adding up and like a result a form of temporariness is taking place usually the suffering of beings for no reason. The sooner people wake up and realize this the more they will understand what is going on or taking place and be able to change things accordingly. Nonsense mixes, connecting or tying of things, abnormalities people think are normal, nonsense games, bets, lie in form excuses, along with forbidden aspects, and tampering with any being in the process or messing with ones energy is the ultimate virus. Without stopping these things in reality the persisting of nonsense will continue in many aspects of reality. All must do their part in realizing what is taking place to do their part. While doing so make sure those interest groups aren't putting people in bubbles, keeping tentacles on them, doing wrong math, attaching things, and keeping some type of upper hand on them.

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