When you need to talk, talk, don’t shoot

South Caucasian

Photo: Mariam Kanchaveli

When you look  Through-The-News, behind the conflicts you hear about, there are people. We share with you what they think and feel. We also create an opportunity for them to hear each other. 

ThroughTheNews is a journey. These human stories and perspectives are important steps in this journey, and in many cases from looking at the individuals, we actually see a bigger  picture than is not often seen in the regular news.

We decided to start with the recent conflict at a specific spot in the world between Armenia and Azerbaijan.  We reach people whose lives are impacted by this conflict, giving them the stage to tell their perspective, and also to communicate with each other. 

The main idea of our new initiative is to reach South Caucasian audiences and give them an opportunity to communicate with each other. We will unpack a series of narratives and perspectives over an extensive period of time, as in the case of our spotlight series on bullying. The conflict doesn’t end between Armenia and Azerbaijan with the involvement of Russia and Turkey. The suffering and death continue for both countries.

Through-The-News decided to collect letters from each side to find out how ordinary Azeris and Armenians feel about the conflict, what are their hopes and desires, and their attitudes toward this issue. These individuals express their opinions on this conflict. It’s crucial to give voice to the voiceless and these people need to understand each other. In these letters, you won’t find hate speech, as the main goal of ThroughTheNews is to collect peaceful letters and listen to the voice of the current young generation, who wants peace between their countries.

This journey will be long and it will include detailed stories and updates on the development of the conflict. Human emotions and feelings are the most important factor because they are genuine. These two nations are attempting to talk to each other with the help of these letters. Hopefully, they’ll be able to get closer and understand each other’s feelings and motives. 

Our wish is to provide you information in multiple-ways, covering multiple views of situations, not one-sided. 

As people read these stories, they will get a sense of how important this topic is and if you, in south caucasus, or in other regions in the world, desire to take part and share your story and perspective Through-The-News, you are free to do it, even in an anonymous way, as long as it’s not “hate speech”. 



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