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28.06.2019 10:36

Who's the Enemy?

Who's the Enemy?


People don’t like to be manipulated, and Georgia is no different in this.

When you finish reading this article, you may wonder: “So, what’s the catch here, what is your agenda?”. You see, people, with some justification, are so used to seeing agendas and one-sided opinions, it’s hard to get rid of this habit.

There are so many questions that can be asked about the political situation in Georgia.

The questions may not be easy to answer, except those about emotions - those questions have clear answers.

A significant part of the young generation is seeking a new life, away from the heritage that it thinks is “limiting them”- heritage of the U.S.S.R, heritage of religion, heritage of political/commercial relations.  And the young generation finds clear, precise enemies – the politicians, the Russians, the church.

A significant part of the older generation is used to its life and norms, sincerely believing that this is the correct way of life for Georgians, or maybe some of them just don’t want to look for new struggles in their life. For some of them, the enemy is also clear and precise – the West, the “Liberals” who want to destroy Georgian traditional values.

But then, who is influencing these people’s emotions?

Let’s see. You have political groups, the church, media organizations, institutions and NGOs (the word used to frighten children before they go to sleep). Some of them preach for a West Side story, some preach for East Side traditions, some favor the government (whatever government), some are more critical of it.

Some more questions:

  • What approach should Georgian people take to improve their overall quality of life? (And an underlying question here: Who decides what is a good quality of life?)
  • What about Georgian-Russian relations? Is it the classic “can’t live with, can’t live without” story?

You can add more questions of your own.

 Today in Georgia, the young generation mostly protests against the establishment. In 2040, these same people will be the “establishment” themselves.  What kind of Georgia will they make? And what will happen to the world by then? It will definitely have some impact on Georgia.

At ThroughTheNews we know there are facts, and opinions, and interpretations, and emotions and questions, and complicated situations. The world is not simple, and we don’t have the hubris of trying to simplify it.

So in some of our content you will have more acknowledgment of emotions and certain world views, in other content you will have more facts, and yet in others you will find humor, empathy, and maybe even fun and escapism.

And in our discussion platform you may find organized conversation where people try to explain why they think the way they think.

We try to enable a more effective communication and engagement in society, and if we do it well enough, maybe even get money out of it, like anyone who provides good value to people.

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