COVID 19 - The Race for The Cure

But when will this happen? When will humanity protect itself from the pandemic that has already become the biggest international threat since WW2?

Life After the Pandemic - Could Italy Reinvent Itself?

The lockdown will have a long-term impact on the lives and the conscience of the majority of people in the ‘Stivale’.

Was Auschwitz on Another Planet?

What makes this killing of 6 million Jews different from other genocides before, during and after the 20th century?

Cycling the World for Breast Cancer Awareness - Current Stop: Georgia

After Gabriella's diagnosis, Chris and Gabs are cycling around the world for breast cancer awareness. They're currently in Georgia, so we met them and Europa Donna Georgia to learn more about the issue. 

მოიწონეთ ჩვენი გვერდი