What Drives The Protests in Kyrgyzstan?

This is Kyrgyzstan’s third revolution in the last 15 years.  However, some experts disagree with this assessment. They believe that with every new revolution one ruling power replaces another, while the system remains unchanged. 


Why and How Do We Feel Lonely?

Heart problems, risk of drug abuse, decreased memory, Alzheimer’s disease progression, depression, poor decision-making - these are few among many other risks caused by feelings of loneliness. 

Protests in Belarus - Will Europe's Last Dictator Finally Lose?

Journalists and civic activists tell us why some people of Belarus feel that this time will be different, after 26 years under “Europe’s last dictator”.

Is “Cancel Culture” Cancelling Free Speech?

The critical voices against the phenomenon are getting stronger. But for now, the “cancel culture” is pretty far from being canceled itself.

From Russia With Love - How Moscow Hijacks Democracy in Europe

The results of Russian propaganda are both impressive and unsettling, as the big lies sound much more believable than the small ones.  

It's Done - Vladimir Putin's "1984" Is Here

The Russian “Ministry of Truth” devotes much more time to the importance of changes than to their content.

Killing of George Floyd - Can Media Be Objective?

Racism and police brutality - these two separate stories told by American media used to be interconnected for decades. However, the killing of George Floyd turns out to be an event that triggered steam out from the boiling kettle.

COVID 19 - Through The Lies and beyond

We still know very little about the virus as well as its origins. Now the spreaders of disinformation are trying to use this lack of knowledge to their advantage.

Coronavirus - Presidents With Benefits

 COVID-19 showed the world that it’s much easier to lose constitutional freedoms than it would seem at first sight.

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