The Science Behind Homosexuality

Let's break down homosexuality, fact-check the myths around it and discuss the science behind same-sex relationships.

Raising a Serial Bully

Have you ever wondered what happened to that one kid who used to bully you or someone you know for a long time?

Cycle of Abuse: Bullying

Reaserchers have pointed out several reasons, as to why youngsters resort to bullying.

Isolated With an Abuser - Domestic Violence Makes Headlines Again

Domestic violence is not a new phenomenon, but strict lockdown measurements have brought them into spotlight with new force

Are Us Hospitals Benefiting From Falsely Overdiagnosing COVID-19?

It is a fact that hospitals get paid more for Covid-19 positive patients.

Top Tips on Staying Healthy in Quarantine

The immune system suffers, when you stay home all day continuously, so here are the top three things you can do to keep your body and mind steady and healthy in quarantine.

What Is Coronavirus Terrorism?

What seems like a complete mystery at the moment is the fact that some people, not through negligence, but purely on purpose, are trying to infect others.

The Greatest Financial Shock of This Century

 the COVID-19 health crisis could be described as the "greatest economic, financial and social shock of the 21st Century."