What You Should Know Before Going on the Internet?

What personal data is protected in our smartphones and computers? Many still have difficulty grasping it.

From Chernobyl to Coronavirus - Is Free Speech Needed to Avoid Disasters?

The lack of transparency and silencing the critics is the bread and butter of every closed political system.

The 5 Apocalypses That Didn’t Happen

Some believe that it’s God who will end us, others threaten us with comets and some with natural catastrophes.

What's Happening in Russia and What Is Putin up To?

The Russian government has resigned, along with prime minister Medvedev. It all happened after Vladimir Putin announced an initiative on constitutional changes.

Abuse of Power: Georgia in the Time Loop

Last 30 years Georgia has been caught in the rather unusual time loop: "The ruling force changes, ministers change, people at protests declare that “The system needs to break” and then add - “Screw this system”. But not only it doesn’t break, it doesn’t even allow for effective reforms. Therefore, the problems remain unsolved". 

Kobi's test

this is the strangest thing I have ever done

Rave-Positive - What You Should Know About Georgian Ravers?

During May 2018 Georgia first saw how dancing can be an expression of protest. It was also then that people started talking about the first cultural revolution in the country's recent history and about the conflict of generations. 

Georgia - From Gavrilov to Gavrilov

A person with the last name Gavrilov tends to appear in our reality whenever his Georgian colleagues are unable to do their jobs properly.