How to Unlearn What We Have Learned?

Nobody ever mentiones the importance of unlearning to us. Since childhood everyone repeats that we should only learn

Gavrilov's Night: What We Can and Can't Agree About

On June 20, Russian deputy Sergey Gavrilov occupied the chairman's seat at the Georgian Parliament, leading the inter-parliamentary Orhtodox assembly. Multi-thousand street protests and demands of resignation followed from Georgian citizens. Let's have a closer look at the events of the past weekend. 

Who Is Afraid of NGOs?

Non-governmental organisations have existed in Georgia since the 19th century. However, a large number of people still have very vague ideas about their activities and goals. We tried to understand why.

August 2008: Russo-Georgian War Revisited

Almost 11 years have passed since the Russo-Georgian war of 2008. And yet what Georgians know about it is often fragmented or superficial. Very rarely is this knowledge supported by solid facts.

The Dilemma of Victory Day

Victory in Europe Day or Victory Day in the USSR? 8th of May or 9th of May?  World War II or The Great Patriotic War? What exactly do we celebrate and why? Should we be celebrating at all? These are just a couple of questions arising every year in May in almost every Post-Soviet country.

Not the Endgame - How Marvel Has Changed The World

Eleven years in the making, twenty-two movies, hundreds of characters brought to life, millions of grateful fans all over the world, and billions of dollars at the box-office - this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Good, The Bad, and The Healthy: Myths and Reality

Something that everybody, including doctors, claimed was good for our health only yesterday, could suddenly turn out to be extremely harmful “according to a recent study”.

Fire at Notre-Dame: God’s Fury by Prescription

There is a repeating trend of "post-disaster" comments on social media. So what happened after the Paris fire?

Do We Have an Obligation to be Healthy?

Very often, people, our closest ones, somehow oblige us to pay more attention to our health and feel well:  “If anything happens to you, who’ll take care of me when I’m old?”, or “Who’ll raise the kids?”, or “Who’ll mow the lawn?”...