Similar Yet Different

Two women. Two generations. Two perspectives. Let's hear their thoughts on the same issues, their answers to the same questions. Similar Yet Different? Or both at the same time? 

Pope Francis Accused of Covering Sexual Abuse Cases

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano accused Pope Francis of ignoring sexual abuse and paedophilia claims against the archbishop of Washington and of participating past cover-up. Will this turn into an earthquake in the catholic world?

Turkey in Search of New Allies

Will recent events change the foreign policy of Erdogan's government? 

Marijuana as Replacement for Coffee – Canadian Coffee Shops Plan to Sell Cannabis

The Canadian company “Second Cup” has announced its plans to transform its coffee shops into marijuana retail stores. What are the actual chances of such a reorganization?

Military AI and Robots No Longer Science Fiction. What’s Next?

It seems like huge spendings on military robots is turning into a new trend among the world's dominant countries. Is it time to fear Skynet?