How Will We Know That Communism Has Arrived?

Almost nobody knows that communism did arrive in the Soviet Union in 1980.

Not the Endgame - How Marvel Has Changed The World

Eleven years in the making, twenty-two movies, hundreds of characters brought to life, millions of grateful fans all over the world, and billions of dollars at the box-office - this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Long Road from Lobotomy to Enema

There are things modern science and medicine fail to explain. A woman for example, who did not want to get pregnant and gave contraceptive pills to her partner… Or a stingy man who drank bleach instead of paying a dentist for teeth whitening…Medicine is powerless in such cases. But what happens when the doctors themselves display such puzzling behaviour?

The Good, The Bad, and The Healthy: Myths and Reality

Something that everybody, including doctors, claimed was good for our health only yesterday, could suddenly turn out to be extremely harmful “according to a recent study”.

40 Years of Revolution

This story follows Zahra as she reflects on the years after the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Let see what she, an ordinary girl from Tehran has to say about it

The Doctor from TV

In times of uncertainty, the population of the former Soviet Union, as well as the more progressive Western world, found comfort in the almighty healers on their TV screens. Who are these characters and why are we so fascinated by them?

Fire at Notre-Dame: God’s Fury by Prescription

There is a repeating trend of "post-disaster" comments on social media. So what happened after the Paris fire?

Weekly ThroughTheNews Flash

A short overview video of news from around the world that caught our eyes and ears this week. Enjoy!

Gone Mad: Why Mental Health Stigma is Worth Rethinking

Despite an increasing number of attempts to destigmatize mental health, the topic remains entangled in misconceptions and still lacks clarity. From fearing mental disorders all the way to romanticizing them - where does the golden mean lie?

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