Family Tree Dna - Connecting Families, Blowing Your Privacy?

The story involving the FBI and the Family Tree DNA company seems to bring “genres” of privacy violations to a whole new level.

US-China Trade War Escalates Again - Huawei Faces Charges

You may have heard about the all-out trade war between China and US, each trying to win the world hegemony according to its own rules of the game. It’s a pure play for power. Recently the American have been trying to get back what they claim is “theirs”. So what is the story now about Huawei?

The Holy Sins of George Soros

Referred to as “Person of the year” by some and as “Satan” by others, George Soros never ceases to cause admiration and controversy, even nearing 90. What’s the man really about?

Why Do We Ask for Nudes?

In the era of free digital porn, there are still people who would like to see YOU naked. We tried to understand why. 

Rick & Morty Dropped Season 4 Footage

What can fans expect from the new season?

“It's a Girl? Abort / Retry”

Equal life opportunities? Or equal opportunity to be born and live at all? One of our young contributors talks gender-biased abortion in an original and unexpected way.

Why Do We Care About Our Age?

For a long time, when I imagined myself at the age of 50, I immediately thought of a big bald spot on my head, a beer belly and prostate problems. A look at how unexpected events can shift our perspective.

Turns Out, Trump Didn't Ruin Little Girl's Christmas

Another overblown story to demonize Trump or an actual unforgivable mistake from a President on Christmastime?

Discussion cookbook

Passionate about debates but afraid they will turn into heated, unpleasant arguments? We took some discussion tips and various debating techniques to help you (and us) carry out discussions and experiment with them.

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