To Breathe or Not to Breathe ? Air Level Pollution Hits a Dangerous Peak in New Delhi

The story repeats from year to year - Every autumn, farmers burn grass after harvesting and every autumn, a dark veil thickens over the city.

Japan is Suffering From the Highest Suicide Rates Amongst Children and Adolescents in 30 Years

Most suicides were committed by high school students, who are teens under the age of 18 in the Japanese education system. Japanese officials claim that the number of suicides increases sharply with the beginning of the school year on September 1.

MeToo - Lessons (Un)Learned

Following is the story of our young and enthusiastic reporter, trying to find his way in a world where norms are changing while trying to shed the light on some aspects of the men/women relations.

The World of Volunteering

We all care about ourselves and our closest ones. But many of us also help others, be it with money donations, with our efforts, or otherwise. Our writer Mariam, a veteran volunteer at her young age, sheds some light on this phenomenon.

Similar Yet Different

Two women. Two generations. Two perspectives. Let's hear their thoughts on the same issues, their answers to the same questions. Similar Yet Different? Or both at the same time? 

One Forgotten Lesson From Baron Munchausen

Dear old Baron Munchausen, he and his story never seem to get old. Speaking of which, do you believe that it really happened? 

Reflection - The Place Where Feedback Matters

With us, you know that your thoughts and feedback are not neglected - they are reflected. Your thoughts, please?

Pope Francis Accused of Covering Sexual Abuse Cases

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano accused Pope Francis of ignoring sexual abuse and paedophilia claims against the archbishop of Washington and of participating past cover-up. Will this turn into an earthquake in the catholic world?

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