Qasem Soleimani - a Martyr Who Was Murdered?

The Iranian media and other news sources close to IRGC in the region followed two major propaganda routes.

Qasem Soleimani - a Terrorist Whose Killing Was Justified?

The western media pictured him as the top Iranian General and the second most powerful figure in Iran’s politics.The US media knew that Qasem Soleimani had been an enormous threat to the US and its allies for decades; they knew he was directly involved in the death of hundreds of US servicemen in Iraq.

Is “Cancel Culture” Cancelling Free Speech?

The critical voices against the phenomenon are getting stronger. But for now, the “cancel culture” is pretty far from being canceled itself.

Brotherhood and Deportation – Racism in the Soviet Union

Tackling racism was a significant part of the ideology, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, this only concerned capitalist racism. 

“მეცნიერება“ ჰომოსექსუალობის შესახებ

ინტერნეტში გავრცელებული დაუსაბუთებელი მსჯელობა ლგბტქ+ ადამიანებზე ზიანის მომტანია. ამიტომ, შევეცდებით, ეს მითები მოვაგროვოთ და განვიხილოთ, მაინც რომელ მეცნიერულ საფუძველს ემყარება ისინი.

The Science Behind Homosexuality

Let's break down homosexuality, fact-check the myths around it and discuss the science behind same-sex relationships.

From Russia With Love - How Moscow Hijacks Democracy in Europe

The results of Russian propaganda are both impressive and unsettling, as the big lies sound much more believable than the small ones.  

It's Done - Vladimir Putin's "1984" Is Here

The Russian “Ministry of Truth” devotes much more time to the importance of changes than to their content.

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