The Science Behind Homosexuality

Let's break down homosexuality, fact-check the myths around it and discuss the science behind same-sex relationships.

From Russia With Love - How Moscow Hijacks Democracy in Europe

The results of Russian propaganda are both impressive and unsettling, as the big lies sound much more believable than the small ones.  

It's Done - Vladimir Putin's "1984" Is Here

The Russian “Ministry of Truth” devotes much more time to the importance of changes than to their content.

Raising a Serial Bully

Have you ever wondered what happened to that one kid who used to bully you or someone you know for a long time?

Animation: Bullying at School

One out of three children globally experience physical or psychological pressure at school. 

Gen Z, the True Native Speakers of the Digital World

“An idea should not be invalidated by the age of its creator”, a 17-year-old centennial.

Children’s Digital Rights - Gen Z Knows It All

There is almost not a single aspect of our lives left untapped by the direct or indirect effects of technology. How well equiped are children?

Covid-19 World Statistics- The Number Games

 The Coronavirus statistics around the world could be misleading, but  media outlets, experts and ordinary people often quote them without blinking their eyes.

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