What Rights Do Children Have?

A person who is minor is considered a child. Taking care of that person until the age of 18 is the parents’ and the state’s obligation. 

When Local Leaders Get Behind the Main Wheel

Two influential figures made 2 completely different decisions when faced with this dilemma.

Isolated With an Abuser - Domestic Violence Makes Headlines Again

Domestic violence is not a new phenomenon, but strict lockdown measurements have brought them into spotlight with new force

Is It Business as Usual After the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Will traditional methods of doing business stubbornly remain the same, or the online rush will transform our lives forever?

COVID 19 - Through The Lies and beyond

We still know very little about the virus as well as its origins. Now the spreaders of disinformation are trying to use this lack of knowledge to their advantage.

After the Pandemic: What Will Become of America?

The government needs to do something, and more than what they have so far.

Doomsday Preppers Saying “Told You” Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic.

To be isolated from others has always been  a way of life it’s been reserved for those few hardy individuals who are often described as anti-social.

Tourism after COVID-19 - How will We Travel?

For millions, the quarantine measures will mean their holiday plans have been put on hold.

Are Us Hospitals Benefiting From Falsely Overdiagnosing COVID-19?

It is a fact that hospitals get paid more for Covid-19 positive patients.

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