The Bouquinistes of Tbilisi

“I wish there were queues for books again. ‘Do you have this one?’ ‘Could you lend it to me?’ Oh, I’d love that.

A Paradise Turned Hell on Earth

The beautiful Himalayan region has been at the center of an almost 70-year-long dispute between India and Pakistan.

What Is Disney Thinking?

Why does Disney keep on re-making, re-booting and re-imagining what has already been imagined to perfection?


Rave-Positive - What You Should Know About Georgian Ravers?

During May 2018 Georgia first saw how dancing can be an expression of protest. It was also then that people started talking about the first cultural revolution in the country's recent history and about the conflict of generations. 

Did You Pray For the World Today?

A family conversation summed up the almost universal approach to human mistakes that endanger the planet - we tend to brush off what we do not understand. 

Georgian Mentality Part Two

Gender, perhaps after the importance of family and friendships or maybe equal to it, is indeed one of the strongest attributes or markers of Georgian mentality.

Georgian Mentality: Is There Such a Thing?

The issue of Georgian mentality is often brought up and talked about among the locals and the foreigners living here. Discussions are lively, always interesting and, also always, without a definitive conclusion as there are as many ideas and opinions about Georgian mentality as there are Georgians themselves.

Georgia - From Gavrilov to Gavrilov

A person with the last name Gavrilov tends to appear in our reality whenever his Georgian colleagues are unable to do their jobs properly.