From Chernobyl to Coronavirus - Is Free Speech Needed to Avoid Disasters?

The lack of transparency and silencing the critics is the bread and butter of every closed political system.

A Sexual Orientation with No Desire for Sex

Everyone’s kitchen table talk is filled with stories about sex. Everybody’s doing it, right? Well, not really, no. 

A Psychiatrist Says

According to popular views in society, a psychiatric hospital is the last bastion of mental health where you should only go when you don’t have any other option left.

Was Auschwitz on Another Planet?

What makes this killing of 6 million Jews different from other genocides before, during and after the 20th century?

Demographic Crises - the Time-Bomb of Our Future

 Birth rates are dropping around the world, while life expectancy is increasing.

The 5 Apocalypses That Didn’t Happen

Some believe that it’s God who will end us, others threaten us with comets and some with natural catastrophes.

What's Happening in Russia and What Is Putin up To?

The Russian government has resigned, along with prime minister Medvedev. It all happened after Vladimir Putin announced an initiative on constitutional changes.

16.01.2040 BREAKING NEWS in Russia

Many political commentators are trying to figure out what is going to happen, but who can tell what the future will bring ?

Where Do New Year’s Resolutions Go?

We tried to put together 10 most popular New Year’s Resolutions.

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