Demographic Crises - the Time-Bomb of Our Future

 Birth rates are dropping around the world, while life expectancy is increasing.

The 5 Apocalypses That Didn’t Happen

Some believe that it’s God who will end us, others threaten us with comets and some with natural catastrophes.

What's Happening in Russia and What Is Putin up To?

The Russian government has resigned, along with prime minister Medvedev. It all happened after Vladimir Putin announced an initiative on constitutional changes.

16.01.2040 BREAKING NEWS in Russia

Many political commentators are trying to figure out what is going to happen, but who can tell what the future will bring ?

Where Do New Year’s Resolutions Go?

We tried to put together 10 most popular New Year’s Resolutions.

What Is Happening in the Middle East - in Brief

Who was the targeted general Qasem Soleimani? What is going on in the Middle East? And what will happen next? Let’s break it down.

#Unite4Music - ThroughTheNews supports the Tbilisi Conservatoire

For the first time in the history of Georgia’s clubbing scene the attendees had the unique chance to listen to classical and electronic music in the same space, while also contributing to the update of pianos. 

Annoying Christmas Songs We Secretly Love

Christmas songs end up becoming so annoying we can’t wait for the holiday season to be over so that Mariah Carey  can leave us alone for a little while. 

Abuse of Power: Georgia in the Time Loop

Last 30 years Georgia has been caught in the rather unusual time loop: "The ruling force changes, ministers change, people at protests declare that “The system needs to break” and then add - “Screw this system”. But not only it doesn’t break, it doesn’t even allow for effective reforms. Therefore, the problems remain unsolved".