Typewriters Are Out, Computers Are In

How can you be here and do the work somewhere over there by simply clicking some buttons? 

The Continuing Story of Brexit

Brexit of today is a political mess which too many people find rather difficult to follow.

Does higher education always equal a successful career?

It’s difficult to resist the temptation and not ask yourself: Is higher education all that necessary for self-realization and success?!

The New ‘Joker’ - What Can I Say?

So, Jared Leto embarrassed himself and only an actor like Phoenix could do justice to the high bar set for the character by Heath Ledger.

Is Facebook Watching You?

Eye-catching and extremely timely, ads are so well-tailored to meet our immediate needs that many people suspect that big corporations are constantly spying on us.

It Will Not Come Easily - Future Labour Shift

A significant shift in the division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms for the tasks of today are expected in the upcoming years.

Kashmir: New Dawn or New Doom?

In Modi’s decision government critics see religious polarisation, advance of Indian nationalism and further oppression, while his supporters hope for faster development and subsequent calm in the region torn by violence.

Live Discussion About Social Media and Violent Neighbours

On September 25th we together spoke about social media and "Angry Neighbours".