From The Editor

From The Editor

Reflection - The Place Where Feedback Matters

With us, you know that your thoughts and feedback are not neglected - they are reflected. Your thoughts, please?

One Forgotten Lesson From Baron Munchausen

Dear old Baron Munchausen, he and his story never seem to get old. Speaking of which, do you believe that it really happened? 


This week, to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we decided to reflect more widely and deeply on the topic of violence in general.

Discussion cookbook

Passionate about debates but afraid they will turn into heated, unpleasant arguments? We took some discussion tips and various debating techniques to help you (and us) carry out discussions and experiment with them.

Live Discussion About Social Media and Violent Neighbours

On September 25th we together spoke about social media and "Angry Neighbours".

We Know, We Believe - What Is Your Belief ?

We at ThroughTheNews believe that the project is not about us, it is about you.

Unite4Music - Electronic Music Helping Classical in Georgia

#Unite4Music - KHIDI nightclub will host an event in support of classical music on December 28th.

Was Auschwitz on Another Planet?

What makes this killing of 6 million Jews different from other genocides before, during and after the 20th century?