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8 Technologies That Scared the World

What we see as dated and relatively harmless were once new technology that people freaked out about. New innovations always caused fear in people. 

Gen Z, the True Native Speakers of the Digital World

“An idea should not be invalidated by the age of its creator”, a 17-year-old centennial.

Doomsday Preppers Saying “Told You” Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic.

To be isolated from others has always been  a way of life it’s been reserved for those few hardy individuals who are often described as anti-social.

What You Should Know Before Going on the Internet?

What personal data is protected in our smartphones and computers? Many still have difficulty grasping it.

The New ‘Joker’ - What Can I Say?

So, Jared Leto embarrassed himself and only an actor like Phoenix could do justice to the high bar set for the character by Heath Ledger.

What Is Disney Thinking?

Why does Disney keep on re-making, re-booting and re-imagining what has already been imagined to perfection?


Not the Endgame - How Marvel Has Changed The World

Eleven years in the making, twenty-two movies, hundreds of characters brought to life, millions of grateful fans all over the world, and billions of dollars at the box-office - this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

20 Years in the Matrix

The now cult movie "The Matrix" first came out exactly 20 years ago. Its creators, the Wachowskis, were mostly unknown back then, but their work has created a real legacy and gave birth to countless theories, often applied to our real life. Let's take a look at how it all came to be.

Do Androids Dream of Gender Identity?

Like any other creation, AIs, bots, and robots seem to reflect the views, ideologies, perspectives, pains, and dreams of their creators. But is the concept of gender unique to human beings? 

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